Are Your Data and Operations Safe?

One of our favorite newsletters, published by mortgage industry veterans of 30+ years' standing, is the Garrett McAuley Report, a no-nonsense look at some of the issues percolating in the industry. The latest edition mentions the relevance to our industry of the recent ransomware attacks that … [Read more...]

“Quality Control and the Bottom Line” article by Cogent in Secondary Marketing Executive magazine

Secondary Marketing Executive magazine has just published in its February issue an article penned by Cogent SVP Kaan Etem on "Quality Control and the Bottom Line."  The article summarizes much of Cogent's thinking about efficient and effective quality control, its potential impact on the bottom … [Read more...]

Lenders’ Dilemma: Invest in Tech or Exit Mortgage Business

Here's a timely article (registration required) highlighting how the new regulatory environment for lenders is forcing a stark choice: either invest in technology to streamline and automate loan origination and servicing processes - or exit the business. Some choice excerpts: "Origination … [Read more...]

Categorize Audit Questions for Streamlined Reporting of Regulatory Data

Sometimes it makes sense to organize audit questions by regulation.  Compliance audits are often organized this way, with names of regulations comprising audit category names and audit questions clustering within those categories.  This organization can be reinforced by audit category codes such as … [Read more...]

MBA and FHA and Statistical Sampling in Quality Control

We are pleased to see the FHA proposing to introduce more statistical sophistication into its Quality Assurance Process (QAP) and to see the MBA responding with reasonable critiques.  There are a number of items under discussion which have been long-standing issues in the industry, including what … [Read more...]

Cogent Clients Feature Among Fannie Mae STAR Servicers

Fannie Mae has just revealed its Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards list (STAR), profiling the servicers who rank high when tested on customer service and other key metrics.  Four of the seven top-ranked servicers are Cogent clients, which means that either Cogent is in good company or vice … [Read more...]

Meaningful Metrics and Process Improvement

"The availability of meaningful and actual information is a true weakness in QC today."  So says Jeremy Burcham, AVP of Loan Review Solutions at Interthinx in a recent video in National Mortgage News' Ask the Experts series.  We agree with that.  We also agree when he states that many QC operations … [Read more...]