ServicingQC – Loan Servicing Quality Control Software

Quality Control Software ServicingQC HorizontalThe Cogent ServicingQC System is the only quality control software platform available today that is designed specifically for the needs of loan servicing quality control and compliance.


The ServicingQC System can be configured to audit any loan servicing, quality control or compliance process, for mortgage, consumer and/or auto loans.  Administrator tools enable users to specify audit types and eligibility rules for each audit type.  Targeted sampling within each audit type enables samples to be as broad or narrow as necessary, with automated tools for sample size estimation.

Typical servicing processes currently audited by Cogent users include:

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Changes
ARMS and Special Loan Acquisitions
Balloon Loans
Bankruptcy – AOs and NODs Bankruptcy – Closings
Bankruptcy – Loan Acquisition and Setups
Bankruptcy – MFRs
Bankruptcy – POCs
Bankruptcy – Research
Credit bureau reporting
Customer Correspondence
Delinquent loan management
Escrow Analysis
Escrow account management
FHA 235 Recertification
FHA ARM Changes
FHA Collections
FHA Customer Correspondence
FHA Escrow Analysis
FHA Foreclosures
FHA Hazard Insurance
FHA Loan Acquisitions
FHA Loss Mitigation
FHA Payoffs
FHA Service Released
FHA Taxes
Foreclosure Claims
Hazard/ Flood Insurance
HUD 235 loans
Insurance premiums
Loan Acquisitions
Loan Assumptions
Loss Mitigation
Newly-acquired loans
Repayment Plans
Service Released
Tax impounds

At the beginning of each audit cycle, the System’s SQL Server database is refreshed directly from your servicing system or data mart, providing the most recent servicing data for auditing. The System then enables separate, independent and asynchronous sampling and auditing of as many servicing functions as required. It also allows reporting and data export in multiple formats, enabling enterprises to combine data from mortgage quality control and compliance departments with data from other departments. Further, its native SQL Server tables are available for reporting via any number of reporting tools, including Business Objects, Crystal Reports, its own Report Writer module and others.

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