ProductionQC System – The platform for all originations audits, including pre/post funding, EPD, fraud, appraisal, repurchase and more


ServicingQC System – The platform for all servicing audits, including every servicing department or function, from loan boarding to payoff

Cogent QC Systems are the most robust, flexible and technologically-advanced quality control software solutions available today.  Backed by the most experienced client support and professional services team in the industry, they provide a complete risk management solution for loan quality and compliance.

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Cogent QC Systems 2015 Overview

Each platform can be customized for your needs with any number of audit modules.  And each platform provides the same industry-leading tool set:

  • Data Management Tools
    • Import loan data directly from your loan origination system, servicing system, or data warehouse
    • Include up to 500 data fields per loan record
    • Refresh and update your database as frequently as required
    • Create and edit eligibility rules to identify the proper populations for all audits.
  • Sampling Tools
    • Sample as efficiently as possible while meeting the requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, the OCC and other regulatory agencies.
    • Use Cogent’s pioneering statistical methodology to automate core sampling.
    • Use Cogent’s powerful database query tools to draw risk-targeted and special purpose samples.
    • Calculate the sample sizes necessary to meet any specified precision, confidence level or population size using the Cogent Statistical Sample Size Calculator.
  • Auditing and Reverification Tools
    • Streamline audits with Cogent’s  user-friendly, highly customizable auditing interface.
    • Set rules for displaying only audit questions relevant to each audit.
    • Define auditor options for each audit, including audit finding options, required questions, comments, referrals and more.
    • Check auditor work with extensive supervisor review tools.
    • Automate generation and tracking of reverification letters to confirm or re-disclose loan and borrower information.
    • Track auditor activity and performance with tools for loan assignment, auditor tracking, and audit sharing.
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools
    • Track loan quality by virtually any parameter – channel, originating unit, underwriter, product, region – with Cogent’s sophisticated analytical tools.
    • Use Cogent’s extensive suite of standard reports to track audit findings, audit status, quality trends, and findings feedback.
    • Design ad hoc reports from scratch with the optional Custom Report Writer.
    • Generate reports by multiple parameters, dynamically preview reports, and export to multiple different formats.
    • Improve timeliness and accuracy of QC findings resolution through Cogent’s secure online Feedback Portal: notify feedback recipients, capture responses online, and document corrective actions.
  • Administrator Tools
    • Configure user access to screens and audits types with enterprise level security.
    • Create multiple user groups across the enterprise, with differing audit rights and access permissions.
    • Manage and update audit checklists, audit categories, lookup tables, watch lists, database queries, loan assignments, audit rules, preset comments, activity logs, password rules and more.