Cogent QC Systems Migrate to .NET


San Francisco, CA – March 8, 2005 – Cogent Economics, Inc., the leading developer of loan quality control and compliance tools for the financial services industry, today announced the migration of its popular CogentQC suite of applications to Microsoft’s .NET platform.

“This migration is a fundamental shift – we are rewriting the code from scratch in C#,” said Cogent’s Chief Software Architect, Bob Wong. “This will enable a lot of new functionality. Plus it will enable more rapid development and, through the .NET framework, ease the connectivity to SQL databases and third party service providers.”

In addition to structural changes, users of CogentQC systems will notice significant improvements in the user interface; a new drag-and-drop Report Designer tool with graphing capabilities; a new Sampling Wizard that simplifies complex sampling strategies; and generally faster processing due to streamlined code and newer technology.

About Cogent Economics, Inc. 

Cogent Economics, Inc. specializes in software tools and services for loan quality control, compliance and due diligence.  Founded in 1991 and based in San Francisco , Cogent is recognized as the industry leader in the use of statistics for monitoring quality and compliance.  The integrated suite of CogentQC Systems — ProductionQC , PipelineQC , ComplianceQC , ServicingQC and DueDiligenceQC — is recognized as the best set of tools available for lenders who want to optimize their quality and profitability.

Cogent’s client list includes over 70 national lenders, including many of the nation’s top banks, thrifts, mortgage companies, specialty lenders and internet lenders.  CogentQC Systems are used to guide the quality and compliance monitoring of over $750 billion in annual mortgage originations and over 4 million servicing records.

For more information about Cogent Economics and the integrated suite of CogentQC systems, please visit or contact James Robinson,, 415-495-3660 x209.


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