Cogent QC Systems – Automating the Quality Control Workflow

Cogent’s award-winning technology gives lenders and servicers a complete, enterprise-level quality control solution. For over 20 years, Cogent QC Systems have guided quality and compliance audits for many of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Cogent QC Systems enable enterprises to:

  • Manage Data Securely
    • Import or transfer data from any source.  Export data in multiple formats.
  • Sample Precisely
    • Calculate sample sizes and select loans for review: statistical, stratified, targeted, manual.
  • Audit Efficiently
    • Record audit findings, comments, notes, ratings, and referrals.
    • Send and track letters: order, reverify, re-disclose.
    • Assign loans to auditors, track productivity, enable supervisor review.
  • Report Effectively
    • Generate audit status reports, audit findings reports, web-based feedback, and sophisticated management reports. Design custom reports.
  • Configure and Customize Easily
    • Customize user access, audit questions and scope, and user interface.
    • Reconfigure post installation.

Automating the QC Workflow (PDF)

See Mortgage Technology award citation here (PDF)

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